Do You Need to Ache After Training to Lose Fat?

AchingYou probably think that if you ache later in the day or the next couple of days after training then it’s gotta have been a good session right?!


Gonna tell you a quick story I’ve told so many times in the past, because it demonstrates my point perfectly, and then we’re gonna apply that directly to YOUR training.


The most expensive PT session EVER


My friend Debs has had a few PT sessions with different trainers through the years, and this one time (not a band camp ;-)), she couldn’t walk for FOUR DAYS!


She even had to call in sick at work and missed out on 4 days pay as a result!

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Are You Drinking Too Many Calories To Lose Fat?

Red Bull gives you...

Red Bull gives you…

Fat loss is ONLY possible by eating less than your body needs to maintain your current bodyweight.

It’s not quite that simple though, because eating less food full-stop means less nutrients too, and that means your body missing out on the stuff it needs to function properly.

Therefore, some things WILL start to go wrong, for example your thyroid, which controls your metabolism.


Change the way you think about losing weight – it’s not just a case of ‘eating less and moving more’. Continue reading

Ben’s Bowlz: Chicken, Bacon & Prawn Paella (Recipe)

This is the sexy little beast

This is the sexy little beast

Yesterday the mrs and I (I only stirred ha)

created what can only be described as

the best paella EVER.


It tasted SO GOOD that I wanted to share how

you can make it too! And the best part?…

… We’d never attempted anything like it before,

We actually thought it’d gone wrong! Continue reading

What to Eat for Healthy Weight Loss and Toning

This is 'proper' food. It can look this good EVERY meal.

This is ‘proper’ food. It can look this good EVERY meal.

A girl recently reached out to me to help her to lose some weight and tone up a bit.


I told her that nutrition was the MOST IMPORTANT factor for that. Sure, training helps too, but nutrition is numero uno for this – if she could alter her diet for the better, she’d get the results she wanted – and the same goes for you dude!


Then she asked the most simple question, that I realised more of you will be asking aswell:


“But what should I eat?” Continue reading

How to Relieve Boredom from Your Training: Part 1 – The Challenge

You know the times when training can get a bit stale,

It’s a chore to get your ass to the gym,

You’re bored of doing the same old shit,

The times you just need something fresh.


Then I got something for you ;) Continue reading


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