Uncle Ben’s at it again

^^ not the rather tanned chap who

excels at selling you rice ha! ^^


I’m talking about changing my mind,

(yes, AGAIN!) and I’m not sorry

about it either ;-)
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The problem with being British

It’s a typically Brit thing to love

a good brew right? And America’s

biggest coffee shops are becoming

popular over here too

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She’s FINALLY got it

Told you the emails might dry up

a bit over the next few weeks didn’t I!

And what about Spain going out

last night? Defending champions!

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She asked it

“Breakfast’s the most important

meal of the day”

“Eat carbs before 6pm”

“Eat little and often to keep

your metabolism going”

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It should’ve caught on by now

Question for you my dude:

What’s the best exercise that

hardly anyone does, but those

that do have UNREAL bums?

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